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We specialize in consumer and business debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation or debt reduction.  Our negotiators have successfully settled thousands of debts including collection accounts and lawsuits and helped countless people and business owners with their debt problems.  With the knowledge and experience gained working in the debt settlement industry since 2002, our founder has literally, written the book on Debt Settlement!   We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to arrange for much more affordable payback terms, allowing you to rid yourself of your unsecured debt much quicker than debt consolidation or debt management.

Our only business is helping our clients save money!

Tell Us About Your Debt Problem

We offer a free consultations.  We will ask the right questions to get a full understanding of your situation in order to make the best recommendation.

See What You Can Save

Discover how you much you can save and how much faster you can get out of debt with our help.

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Let us negotiate with your creditors to settle your enrolled debts for less than what you owe and save you thousands of dollars.

How We Work


After our initial consultation, we customize a savings plan built around your budget.  We do not hold your money in a trust account like dishonest settlement providers make you do, as we like to keep you in control of your own money.

You will be assigned a designated contact at our firm that will reach out to you on a monthly basis and as needed throughout the process.  We work on a 1-on-1 basis with you so you’ll speak to the same person every time who will keep you up to date on the status of your negotiations.

We will be sure to negotiate the lowest possible paybacks of your debts, but we will never agree to anything without your approval.

At our firm, you are in complete control. 

Lower Monthly Payments

If you can’t afford to make minimum payments each month and want to avoid filing bankruptcy, the debt settlement process can help you.  With the debt settlement process, you choose the amount you can afford each month and we will build our process around your budget.  Keep in mind when setting your budget, the more you can afford each month, the faster you’ll be able to get out of debt.

Reduce Your Principal Balances

Through our debt settlement process, we will negotiate your creditor account balances to lower amounts, so you’ll pay back less than what you owe.  The debt settlement process works for credit cards, unsecured loans, business debts, merchant cash advances, medical bills, repossessed vehicle loans, collection accounts, and even lawsuits.  We will negotiate your repayment to less than what you owe so you’ll be able to get out of debt in a fraction of the time it would have taken on your own.

Save Thousands in Future Interest

When we settle, we don’t only save you money off the principal balance; we also save all the future interest you would have paid over the many years it would have taken to pay off your debts.  Although interest will accumulate for the first six months or so, we have factored that into the estimates we give you.  We will negotiate the interest and principal balance to a lesser amount so you’ll end up paying back less than what you owe when you hire us – including our fees.   You will finally be able to break free from the interest trap that has been keeping you in debt for so long!

Consumer & Business Debt Relief

If you are struggling with debt personally or for your business and are looking for a way out, look no further.  We specialize in helping our clients attain financial stability.  We offer a full variety of debt relief solutions as well as solutions for business owners looks to achieve the next level of profitability. Savants Consulting is the partner you are looking for.

Offering fully comprehensive debt relief and business consulting solutions we can analyze and services all aspects of your debt relief needs. Offering most solutions nationwide, we are here to help you streamline your debt relief process.  Our owners have spent 15+ years figuring out what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to. The wisdom and invaluable experience we’ve gained allows us to build better long-term creative strategies for all of our clients.


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