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Debt Settlement Explained

The main objective of the debt settlement process is to negotiate your outstanding creditor balances to less than what you owe, saving you thousands in the process.  This type of process may be right for you if you’re experiencing a financial hardship and are no longer able to make your monthly minimum payments as they come due. If you’re not able to pay the amounts due, but can pay something, the debt settlement process will allow you to make payments that are within your budget.  You decide the amount you pay each month as you set your payments for the debt settlement process – and you pay yourself!  You’ll set aside money each month to accumulate, and we will reach out to your creditors on your behalf to let them know we are representing you (we do not want you harassed by collection calls).


You Determine Your Own Payments

While you are saving your money each month, we will be dealing with your creditors for you.  We will be in contact with you at a minimum of once a month to update you as to how negotiations are going.  When we reach out to you, we’ll also want to know what you have saved up at any given time as we base our negotiations on the amount you have saved.  We will always negotiate within your budget and will never make an offer you will not be able to afford.  Once we have what we feel is the best deal for a given creditor account, we will contact you to go over the details and to get your approval.  It is you that has the final say as to whether or not you’d want to accept a negotiated offer.

You Have the Final Say on All Settlement Offers

Sometimes settlements are made as a one-time lump sum payment for a lesser amount, while other times, we can negotiate the balance to a lower amount and also get time to pay off the arrangement – known as a term settlement.  Term settlements can be arranged anywhere from 2 to 60 payments, while still saving a substantial amount of money off the principal balance.  Once we have gone over the details of the particular settlement negotiation, you can either accept or reject the offer.  If you take the offer, we will get all the details in writing and then our compliance department checks over all the letters.  Most debt collectors are not to be trusted, and they purposely add clauses into their settlement agreements that we would never agree to so we will make sure to get the proper letters that pass all of our compliance checks before sending it to you. !

Each Negotiation is Handled Separately

When it comes time to pay off the deals we’ve arranged, there are multiple ways we can go about doing so, but each deal is different, and as such, the methods of paying are different.  We will send over detailed step by step instructions to ensure you pay off your accounts properly.  Once we have successfully settled an account, we will follow up to obtain documentation to prove so, and then we move on to finalizing the next creditor we were working to resolve.  It is vital to understand that although we are communicating and working on all of your accounts, it is not likely that we will finalize all the arrangements at the same time, but instead, the deals will come at different times throughout the process.  We will keep negotiating until we have settled and paid off all of your accounts.

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If you have fallen behind on your payments and are now watching your balances climb higher and higher – don’t worry as you’ve already taken the first step towards settling your debts for lessThe next step is to call in for your free consultation where we will discuss your creditor accounts and their balances as well as what you can afford to pay each month, and we’ll then design a process specifically for your needs.  The debt settlement process is not a universal fit as each process at our firm is specifically catered to each client’s needs.  Your budget and creditor portfolio will determine your overall savings and the time frame it will take to complete the process.  Typically we get our clients out of debt in as little as 6 to 48 months.


We settle your debts for less than what you owe, or you won’t have to pay us a fee – GUARANTEED!

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Debt Settlement Benefits

One Low Affordable Monthly Payment

Lower Your Principal Balances Not Your Interest

We’ll Handle the Collection Calls for You

Get Out of Debt in 6 to 48 Months

Every part of the settlement process will be mapped out for you step by step.

Our results will speak for themselves.

Our Client Service is Second to None!

We will fully explain all the details including the pros and cons

We will reach out to you at least once a month with status updates

You will speak with the same representative each time you need us


Not only will we save you money – that’s the obvious part.

Additionally, we will save you time – and time is money!

Why hire a competitor with less experience that charges much higher fees if they offer no performance guarantees?


Put our years of experience in resolving debts to your benefit.

We have a guarantee that comes along with our fees, so we put our money where our mouths are.


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